Thursday, October 2

For the Grandmas and the Grandpas ...

Hayden's shirt of choice is none at all these days ... Ellie, however, prefers to be bundled up all the time.

We borrowed a friend's Bobcat in a sad attempt to work on our sad yard ourselves ... didn't work out so well, but we had a blast! Hayden didn't get to drive it, but would have sat in it all day if we would have let him!

Ellie officially has some favorite things ... aside from eating and pooping, she likes big brother, laughing (more like a giggle), talking, and sitting up, here with the help of daddy.


Dad said...

I love these pics. Thanks for posting them. I love those little ones. Oh...well...forgive me. I know...Boomer is a "BIG" boy. :-)

Kim and Joel said...

I know I'm not a grandparent, but just wanted to post anyway-she's SO cute! Love the pictures!