Sunday, October 26

Here's Me. What About You?

I ... got this from my friend Sarah's blog.

I am: blogging and looking at usatoday and to wind down after a long evening of homework
I want: to be a good mommy, a good wife, a principal (?) and several pounds lighter
I have: so many blessings that I thank God for every day!
I wish: there were no people in need ...
I hate: laundry ... specifically rolling socks
I fear: that I am running too fast and missing out ...
I hear: IRONMAN ... David is watching it
I search: for quiet places and my cell phone - I always lose it!
I wonder: what my children will grow up to be
I always: tell my David and babies how much I love them
I usually: sneeze like an old man
I am not: taller than 5'4", though I had been holding out hope for a long time
I dance: each and every day with Hayden to his favorite songs
I sing: loudly and often ... and with a little guy asking me to stop so he can hear the song :-)
I never: have been able to keep plants alive!
I rarely: spend time with girlfriends ... I'm getting better, though!
I cry: the most when I am tired or worn out ... or when I watch a sappy movie ...
I am not always: patient
I lose: my mind in Wal-Mart
I’m confused: about the chaos of the world/how people can be so divided and hateful but calling for peace
I need: sandy beaches
I should: get up earlier
I dream: about spending the rest of my life with my handsome husband and sweet kiddos

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Dustin and Kayla said...

i'm with you on the "i wish" and "i'm confused" ones!