Sunday, October 12

hello ... i'm random ... what's your name?

one of my graduate classes this semester was only a month long ... and it was great because it was all about everything ... from technology to interpersonal communication. it's funny because since i'm taking classes online, there is no face-to-face interaction, so we must rely on initial "sharing" and online discussions throughout the class to get to know each other.

this semester there were a lot of "ice-breaker" type activities that made me reminisce to my college days in leadership studies, when we would have all types of pow-wows full of them. the "share things about you that no one else will know" seems quite popular.

i'm not always so good at this ... although i'm a talker, i'm not much of a writer or "thoughtful" with words. in manhattan, a very dear friend of mine, sarah, was and still is such an inspiration to me - her writing is always very genuine, seemingly effortless, and always touching. here in rapid city, i have been blessed to befriend another incredible writer, natalie ... her words are like the words to your favorite song - each line is oozing with meaning and depth ... so, i am happy to be insipired by them and leave the simple things like this to me!

i thought it'd be fun, and random to share some of my recent answers to the ice-breakers ...


10. I asked for a cash register every year for Christmas. I don't know why, but I was a girl obsessed!

9. I always have chapped lips ... but I'm also obsessed with chapstick - do you think it could be the chapstick making my lips chapped? Maybe some crazy scheme by the chapstick makers to keep me coming back?

8. I had a pet cow ... his name was Mr. Cow ... I'm sure he eventually tasted great on someone's sandwich, but for me he was a great pet!

7. My ideal job would be working in a museum ... I'm that boring and that obsessed with history!

6. The first time I rode on a plane was for my honeymoon ... and we got moved to 1st class ... that's not happened again, though!

5. I have always wanted to be artistic in some way ... singing, painting, writing ... my niche' may be organizing, though ...

4. I was baptized twice in the same week ... once in the lake at church camp, and that following Sunday at church - I wanted my parents to be a part of the decision ... the lake was much more warmer!

3. I don't like feet ... mine look weird, yours look weird ... flip-flops are fine, but don't put them anywhere near me! :-)

2. I would be great at any of the "song lyrics" shows ... I grew up listening to all kinds of music and mixed with my ocd, i remember lyrics like a maniac.

1. As a driver, I have never hit a person on a bicycle, but I have been hit by a person on a bicycle while driving in a car - my friend Becky and I were stopped at a stop sign and a guy on a bicycle hit my car ... then started yelling ... then got back on his bike and continued going. It wasn't good for my little Corolla, and nearly gave me a heart attack! Becky was especially scared because he hit us on her side, and I rolled down her window to ask if he was ok - it was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me!


Jodi said...

I think you may be on to something with the chapstick theory... I've actually heard that before. Vaseline is supposed to be the only one that doesn't do that. It's something about your lips not producing their own moisture anymore because "something else" is always taking care of it... or something like that...

belovedaimee~ said...

the first(and only)time I rode on an airplane was on my honeymoon too.

Kayla said...

i copied u!