Saturday, November 20

a good day

Friday was an exciting day for us. I'll bullet the story:

- I only had to work half a day at Big Brothers Big Sisters! Woo hoo!

- I had lunch with our lead pastor, Eric Norris, and our new worship leader, Jason Hodge. Yes...I said worship leader because we now have a worship leader!

- Our church purchased an entire sound system on Ebay...what a wonderful place Ebay is. Our dilemma: getting the sound system from eastern New York to Manhattan Kansas. A few calls were made...we were quoted $1000 - $1200 just for delivery. God began to work. A few more calls were made. The system is now being packaged...delivered to the mail service...shipped...and delivered to a town just 45 minutes west of us for...$450. We couldn't have driven there to pick it ourselves for that cheap. God is incredible!

- Before heading off to an evening youth event, I had a chance to wrestle with our little boy. We're having so much fun as a family!

- From 7 to 10 pm, we had our third monthly youth event as we try to develop a youth group from scratch. We have 3 teenagers in our church right activities require creativity. So...we planned a night of DODGEBALL. Flyers were made and distributed by the hands of our 3 teenagers. By 7:05 pm, we had 60+ teenagers throwing balls at each other's faces. Praise God! We had 44 of those student fill out name/address forms for us to follow up. It was a good time...and I'm exhausted. Dodgeball for 3 hours straight could kill somebody!

Here a few pics from the night:
(The guy dressed like a freak is a 30 yr. old youth leader and a great friend...gotta love'em!)

Yes...those are leg-warmers.

We lined them up to put'em into teams...Okay...Your 1, 2, 3 4

4 Teams! Everyone actually understood!

There wasn't a lot of "mercy" demonstrated during the evening...everyone had a ton of fun. It's great when students leave and all they're talking about is how much fun they had and when will we be doing it again.

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