Thursday, November 11

Toddlers, and Toddlers and Toddlers, Oh My!

What a week it has been! Sunday evening we celebrated the baptism of RLC members Tami, Lenny, and Kenny! It was such an annointed time and such a gift for our church family! We managed to forget the camera, but plenty of people took pictures, so we'll get some soon. A funny and exciting thing ... some ladies from New York are working on a documentary for PBS/BBC on church plants, and when they searched online Real Life Church was one that came up ... so they were there filming, and after looking at other church plants, they will determine which they'd like to use and move to whichever town that plant is in ... and live there for a YEAR documenting the stages of planting a church. Wild! Sunday night I made "Monkey Bread," so that has been another huge highlight at the Kinnan home! HaHa!

Hayden is seriously growing and growing each and every day! He learns and discovers so many new things and it has been absolutely amazing to watch him and encourage him! He loves to go "up," which is when David or I lift him up so he can touch the ceiling fan cords (they're turned off!) or point to grandma's and grandpa's in the pictures on the walls. We have a huge mirror over the fire place that he especially likes!

Hayden is definitely a climber and loves to stand on anything and everything! The fireplace ... kitchen chairs ... the steering wheel of a little tykes car ... mommy's school bag (in the picture) ... he just likes to be off the ground ... and even more so, reaching for something.

Today he wanted the calendar on the desk, and he got it! :) We've been enjoying this newfound obsession with close-proximity and the first aid kit nearby ... the hardest balance i've ever had to weigh is the one between letting him be a little boy and discover things ... and not being my true protective self and stopping him before he starts. He hasn't had any booboos and does it so much he's an expert. We'll stop him if there's every anything too dangerous ... and I have a feeling that won't be too long from now! :)

This evening we're eating with Eric and Robin, and three new RLC couples at Valentino's ... mmmm ... Italian buffet! :) Then I'm off to the RLC women's Bible Study at Diane's!

We Love You!

Always give thanks for everything to our God and Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:20

Thanksgiving Countdown:
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